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Perhaps it comes as a surprise to learn that wild bees are much better pollinators than honeybees. Bumblebees, for instance, have a unique method known as “buzz pollination”. They will shake flowers at a certain frequency allowing for more pollen to be released, thus creating a more effective pollination process. Honeybees, on the other hand, cannot do this.

A research article published in the Journal of Applied Ecology found that pollination by wild bees yields larger strawberries in comparison to honeybees. The study found that if the honeybee was to displace its wild counterparts entirely, farmers may end up with…

On the 31 of December 2019, the World Health Organisation’s (WHO) County Office in China became aware of a media statement published by the Wuhan Municipal Health Commission. The statement, posted to the Commission’s website, reported on a cluster of cases of what seemed to be “viral pneumonia” proliferating in the city of Wuhan.

The WHO was not the only interested party in these cases of “pneumonia with unknown cause”, the curiosity of several health authorities around the world was also piqued. Could this be the beginnings of a new viral outbreak? Perhaps something like SARS in 2003? Or the…

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